Multi-Finger Imager Processing Software

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What is MIPS?

Product Suite

  • MIPSPro

    MIPSPro interpreted data alongside 3D image 2
    MIPSPro before and after centralisation processing
    MIPSPro collar detection 1 with table
    well schematic for MIPSPro tab1 page
    mips picture11
    mips picture10
    MIPS View 2D viewer 2
    MIPS 3D cutaway with OD 2
    history for website3
  • MIPS Lite

    MIPSLite combined 2D and 3D views
    MIPSLite 2D viewer 3 before and after centralisation
    plotting combined 1
    MIPSView 2D image 4 various processing steps and history
    MIPSLite 3D viewer 4
    MIPSLite history capture
  • MIPS View

    MIPSView 2D image 3
    MIPSView 3D image 12 with 2D image 3
    MIPSView 2D image 4 various processing steps and history
    MIPSView 3D image 4MIPSView 3D image 11MIPSView plot for website
  • MIPS 3D

    MIPS 3D cutaway with OD 2
    MIPSLite 3D viewer 3
    MIPS3D hardware image with Motion Cotrol and Lighting menus3D from MIPSPro annotations 1 with fire colour map3D from MIPSPro annotations 4 with colour map3D from MIPSPro wireframe with drifttool with drift tool control


All MIPS packages are fully documented with interactive help and manuals. Epidote provide technical support via email. Training and consultancy is also available.


MIPS Pro runs on a PC platform under Windows XP, WIndows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8, 32 or 64bit


Get started now, contact one of our support team to discuss your requirements.

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